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Business Prospects is a key provider of current sales and credit information. Concise reporting tuned to management's needs provides the advantage of a constant source of information in today's ever-changing business climate.

In the decision making process, it is important to maintain the balance of scale between Sales and Credit. The latest, most up-to-date information on both aspects is provided electronically each week.

The SALES sections provide a continuous flow of new marketing prospects. The CREDIT sections allow a comprehensive monitoring of disputes regarding commercial activity.

Our clients are updated twice a week by e-mail. For a nominal annual fee, subscribers receive the Southern and/or Northern Alberta Editions which lists the following information:

Development Permits Applications and Approvals
Commercial and Personal Building Permits
Tenancy Applications - Old and New Buildings
Builders Report - Residential Summary
Newly Incorporated Companies and Corporate Name Changes - All Alberta
Building Statistics - Previous Year and Year to date
Statements of Claim Commercial and Consumer
Judgments - Commercial and Consumer
Judgments - Provincial Court Civil (small debts)
Builder's Liens Registered
Foreclosures - Three Stages
Bankruptcy Statistics (Dominion)
















YES, We also provide Historical Credit Searches - all you have to do is call, fax or submit our online form with the company name and within minutes we provide you with a report of any occurrences in Alberta pertaining to:
Commercial statements of Claim
Consumer Statements of Claim
Commercial Judgments
Consumer Judgments
Builder's Liens

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